Family Physicians Medicare Wellness Checkup

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Medicare requires healthcare providers to collect a health risk assessment from the insured during their annual wellness visit. The questionnaire solicits the information necessary for the development of a personalized patient health and prevention plan. The Family Physicians Medicare Wellness Checkup is a Framework Document Skill which can extract key information from the form published by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). The skill has been trained on a small set of forms.


  • Extracts key data from the AAFP Medicare Wellness Form such as Patient Name and Date of Birth.
  • Quick start Framework Document skill can be used "as is" or extended with further training, extra fields, and business rules.
  • Can be augmented by human-in-the-loop review and verification based on accuracy thresholds, missing or incorrect information.
  • Can be trained further in order to ensure sufficient accuracy levels.
  • Includes all 27 standard questions and can be extended to include your practice's unique questions.

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