Lithe Digital Documents

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Lithe Digital Documents gathers and distributes documents processed in ABBYY Vantage or Flexicapture to the individuals and teams who need to receive or process them. Go live in 5 days. Accelerate your digital transformation.
People working remotely or in-office efficiently receive, sort, filter, search and select documents to view or process through a secure, browser-based interface. Users can attach notes, forward to colleagues, execute workflow, and collaborate on document-driven processes.
For hybrid workforces and document-intensive teams, Lithe Digital Documents improves team productivity, reduces costs, cuts processing times, improves responsiveness to customers, and enhances document security.
In use cases such as mailroom digitization, claims management, new account opening, and more, Lithe Digital Documents makes document-based processes fast, simple, secure, and scalable.


  • Engage remote and hybrid workforces efficiently in document-intensive business processes
  • Cut time from document-based work
  • Reduce costs by automating document distribution and processing
  • Manage data security by controlling document access and distribution
  • Reduce risk of “scan to email” and “work over email”
  • Improve responsiveness to customers
  • Make better decisions by providing rapid access to required documents

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