ABBYY Vantage Connector for M-Files

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The ABBYY Vantage Connector for M-Files from TEAM IM combines the power of the M-Files content management platform with the intelligence of ABBYY Vantage Skills. Start with easily configuring multiple Vantage Skills in M-Files by assigning each to a document class. The data extracted by Vantage is automatically retrieved and can be mapped to M-Files metadata properties on the original item or used to create new objects related to it. For example, data extracted from an invoice might populate due date, invoice total, and invoice number, as well as creating individual objects for line items and for the vendor, all linked to the original document. This enables M-Files' 360-degree view to provide unparalleled visualization of your data. Drive notifications, dynamic workflows, and global collaboration for your organization. Simply put - don't just extract data, use it.


  • Quickly connect your content repository to Vantage and instantly utilize skills.
  • The connector can interact with any number of Vantage skills!
  • Extracted data can be mapped to properties on content and automatically applied.
  • Use extracted data to drive business processes such as workflows and routing.

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