Air Waybill

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An air waybill (AWB) is a document that accompanies goods shipped by an international air courier to provide detailed information about the shipment and allow it to be tracked. It serves as a receipt of goods by an airline (the carrier), as well as a contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier.
The Air Waybill Skill is a production trained Document Skill, which can extract key data points from this document type but has been trained by ABBYY on a very large document training set.


  • The model automatically detects key fields on AWB documents and extracts data including AWB number and date, shipper, carrier, consignee, airline addresses (parsed), airport of departure, destination, line items, charges, etc.
  • Includes rules for required fields, checks AWB number. Additional business rules can be added as individually required.
  • Detects shipper, carrier, and consignee automatically. Allows to match Airport of Departure and Airport of Destination against a pre-defined database for optimal accuracy.
  • Incorporate human-in-the-loop review and verification based on accuracy thresholds, missing or incorrect information.
  • Allows further training of the model based on customer documents in real time. Over time significantly improves straight-through-processing rates and reduces the need for human interaction.



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