Cherrywork® Accounts Payable Automation

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Cherrywork® Accounts Payable Automation streamlines your end-to-end operations by enabling you to capture invoices from virtually anywhere, extract relevant data without human intervention, and at all times gain visibility to the financial processes that support or subvert your business success. The Solution automates your PO- and non-PO-based invoice processing.

The AP Automation solution is integrated to ABBYY Vantage and Flexicapture to provide cognitive services that applies AI to understand your documents in a fast and simple way. The solution is capable of processing invoice documents in a variety of input formats and languages, classifying them based on region and extracting key data points including header, footer, and line item details with unsurpassed accuracy.

Solution makes today’s digital worker and processes smarter by delivering cognitive skills that read, understand, and extract insights from documents, helping enterprises accelerate digital transformation.


  • Reduced AP Processing Cost
  • Improved Visibility
  • Increased returns in available cash
  • Support for Multiple Channels
  • Sophisticated Fuzzy Match
  • Touch less posting and seamless integration
  • Account Payable Workbench
  • Reports
  • Rule based Workflow
  • Compliance from tax perspective


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