DNI Español 3.0

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The Spanish DNI 3.0 skill is a fully trained Vantage document skill that extracts key data points of the national identity document. It is very useful to identify the main data of a person with Spanish nationality.

Vantage and the DNI 3.0 Skill can be integrated as part of document processes in a mobile web app where it is necessary to capture and process the DNI 3.0 ID cards. By leveraging Vantage and the DNI 3.0 Skill for identity verification, you can automate the identification verification process and start onboarding new customers around the clock. The DNI 3.0 is used in many ways everyday including during travel, when paying fees, online banking requests, and more.

Get started today streamlining processes that involve verifying IDs and delivering a seamless customer experience. It should be noted that it is a free version, and carries data limitations. For more complex skills you can contact the GiG Informatica team.


  • Automatically applies image enhancement to images of DNI captured with a mobile phone in order to ensure optimal OCR results.
  • Automate the identification process leveraging the DNI 3.0 Skill.
  • Create a customer-oriented process that will increase customer satisfaction.
  • Detect and combat fraud from the point of capture to processing.

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