Enate Connector

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Enate integrates with ABBYY to enable intelligent document processing as part of Enate processes. This is achieved through the use of an ABBYY-integrated action. Documents such as PDFs can be scanned by ABBYY both to start and to form part of your Enate processes.

When an ABBYY action is loaded for a case, documents attached to the case can be submitted to ABBYY for OCR Scanning and the processed output files will be returned and automatically attached to the case. Additionally, if ABBYY highlights that additional manual verification may be needed (eg. confidence levels in the scanned output are below threshold), the work is transferred over to a human employee to be able to verify and (if necessary) adjust the data via the ABBYY screen surfaced directly in an Enate action.


  • Visibility - Get a bird’s eye view of your operations.
  • Efficiency - Deliver the right task to the right human (or digital worker) on time.
  • Flexibility - Wrap Enate around your current tech stack and legacy systems.
  • Simplicity - Anyone in the business can be trained to use Enate.
  • One Platform - for all operational needs.

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