Identity Documents (ID)

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The identity document (ID) Skill is a pretrained model to extract information from passports, US driver licenses, residence cards, US Social Security card, and other ID cards from various countries. The ID Skill currently recognizes 10,000 different ID cards in 248 different regions. The model will extract information such as the person’s name, date of birth, gender, address, and other fields. The skill also reads the barcode on the back of IDs.

Images of an ID can be captured using a scanning or mobile device, and immediately uploaded into Vantage for processing. Built rules and validations are part of the skill including cross-checking the data on the front of an ID with data read from a barcode on the back of an ID.

The ID Skill can also be customized to disable/remove fields that are not required for extraction, and can also be part of a Vantage process where human in the loop review can occur to verify the ID.

Licensing Requirements: The ID Skill requires a separate trial or production license. An ID (front and back) is counted as one document transaction. Please contact your sales or partner manager for more information.

Important: ID Skill is currently in controlled release. To request information on this skill or initiate a trial, please contact your sales or partner manager, or click the Request Information button above to submit a request for follow up.


  • Enhance customer onboarding processes and boost customer satisfaction
  • Expand into fraud detection and prevention
  • Deliver higher value customer onboarding solutions by combining the ID Skill with other trained skills to prove ones residency, employment, and salary
  • Alicja
    Jul 21, 2022

    Amazing results, it extracts all the crucial information from the IDs out-of-the-box. Definitely a must-have skill when working with processes like KYC, combined with other pre-trained skills (W-2, bank statement, etc.) enables to accelerate processing of documents fast and in a straightforward way.

  • Bill
    Jun 8, 2022

    I recommend trying out this new Identity Document (ID) Skill. It supports 10,000 different IDs and 248 countries where an ID is captured with a scanning or mobile phone device using the Vantage Mobile Capture. It works extremely at extracting data from both the frontside and backside of an ID including reading the barcode on the backside of IDs. The skill can be combined with other ABBYY Vantage Skills that are available so that documents can be processed as part of one process transaction as in the case of client onboarding.

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