Invoice Management System

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A Fully integrated invoice process management solution, powered by Microsoft Power Platform and ABBYY Vantage document processing.

This highly customizable application centers around managing incoming invoices for further processing in your ERP backend system. Incoming documents are sent to ABBYY Vantage for classification and data extraction. Only relevant documents are added to the Invoice Overview.

By synchronizing with your ERP solution, all data necessary to perform business rule validation can occur within our application. All invoice details can be accessed as well, for manual review. Approval and validation flows can be incorporated, including invoice posting simulation.

Powered by Microsoft Power Platform and ABBYY Vantage, the next generation automation platforms are combined to create a very easy-to-use, highly customizable solution for your invoice processing needs.


  • Integrated Solution
  • Fast Invoice Processing
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Easily Adaptable

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