Argentina Invoices AFIP

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This type of Argentina Invoice is issued through the portal of the national tax agency (AFIP) which is a pre-defined format. The Vantage Argentina Invoice for AFIP type is trained on a large set of documents. The Document Skill is able to extract key data points including header, footer, line item, barcodes, and QR code. The Skill supports regional tax setting, currency and business rules. Extracted data can then be passed on to other business systems and processes with or without manual review and verification.


  • Key fields: Vendor Name, Consignee Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Total, Currency, Line items, Taxes.
  • The model automatically detects key fields on commercial invoice documents and extracts relevant data (vendor, consignee, invoice number and date, ship to and bill to addresses, total, line items, Taxs.).


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