IRS Tax Form WI Form 1

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This ABBYY Vantage “Framework Document Skill” captures the information automatically from IRS Tax Form WI 1 2020 & 2021. A Framework Document Skill is trained on a smaller set of documents, but with key data points, defined and labeled, and it is improved over time with the addition of new samples. Customers can use this Framework Skill as a starting point for a project. If more advanced functionality is needed, an Advanced Skill can be used (see below) or a new skill can be trained to start with the existing base.


  • Framework Document Skills provide a quick-start basis for conducting proof of concept and automating document-centric processes, without spending time to train a new skill from the ground up. In most Framework Skills the main data fields have been labeled and the skill has been trained on a small document set to provide a starting point for further training on customer side. Framework Skills generally come at no additional cost but consume page volume from the base Vantage Core Skills volume.
  • The data extraction model automatically detects key and extracts relevant data. For a full list of extracted fields, please see the skill documentation below.
  • May use further training in order to ensure sufficient accuracy levels on customer-specific documents.

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