No Fault Verification Form NF-3

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The document skill provides a quick start to processing health insurance claims. It extracts crucial information about policyholder, policyholder's address, information about health conditions and treatment from physician's report.

The skill has been trained on English documents but can be easily extended to other languages and formats. The NY Motor Vehicle No Fault Insurance form is available for download, and can be printed and filled out to create additional sample images.


  • Skill is trained to recognized and extract handwritten text, so no document gets left behind.
  • Further train the skill or add your business rules and validations.
  • Bill
    Jul 21, 2022

    Tried out the skill with sample image included, and the skill captured all the handwritten text and checkboxes perfectly. The PDF (non-fillable) is available for download from the asset page, so anyone wanting to try out the skill and handwriting capabilities of Vantage can print, fill, and scan (mobile) to try it out.

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