Sample Code App - Connect Vantage to Your Business App

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This demo web application enables you to try how a Vantage skill could be invoked by another application - the user uploads a document, selects a corresponding Vantage skill, and extracts data from it to pass on downstream.

Developers can use the source code of this demo application as a code sample when developing custom applications, that interact with ABBYY Vantage.

To try out the demo app in your Vantage environment, simply go to The demo app will allow you to connect to Vantage, upload a document, select a skill, and get results back in a JSON file.


  • Easily experience from a user or customer perspective how Vantage could be integrated into a custom web application for processing various document types.
  • Use source code of the demo application as a code sample when deveoping your own web application, where users or customers can provide documents to be processed by ABBYY Vantage in the background.
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    Jan 24, 2022

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